London begins butter knife confiscation in zero-tolerance policy

The ordinary citizen, and even most police officers, in the U.K. cannot legally own a gun.  As a result, gun crime is fairly low, yet murder in London has still reached record highs, surpassing New York City, as a result of stabbings.

Their response?  To implement tight “knife control” and start stopping-and-frisking people on the streets to find people carrying around anything pointy like a spork or anything resembling something pointy, such as a butter knife.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has launched the new initiative to ban butter knives with the slogan, “Oi, real men don’t butter their bread with knives.”

“We’re seeing a dramatic difference in a reduction in stabbings and less flavorful food. It’s a win-win,” Khan said in a press conference.

If this doesn’t work, authorities admit that they’re going to have to put everyone in straight jackets and bubble wrap while they’re out in public.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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