Don Jr. moving up in Democratic primary polls

We all know by now that the Democrats have an enthusiasm gap that widens daily. Presidential candidates drop out two or three at a time. At this point, which is pretty late in the game, there are still at least 5 or 6 viable candidates, none with any chance of beating Trump.

The DNC? Panic city. Tom Perez is quoted as saying, “Hey, all our candidates suck bigly. I wouldn’t put any of ’em in charge of running anything. Where do we get all these losers? We really need to think out of the box here.”

And out of the box they went. Pope Francis was first. His agenda was far-left, he could speechify, had really nice clothes, and his English was coming along. When asked to run he said, “Holy Mother of God. Man, I would really love to but I got a lot of Popein’ to do, preying and such, really busy on Sundays…………..Nah. Woulda been fun though.”

Mister Rogers was their next thought. Though he passed away recently, they thought he could still win. His exhumation was held up in court so eventually his candidacy was abandoned.

Finally, a breakthrough candidate came to mind.

“The only way to beat Trump is with Trump!” Perez said. He has personally selected none other than Donald J. Trump Jr. to run in the 2020 Democratic primaries!

The drama, entertainment, new book, new beard, new girlfriend, New York; too good to pass up. And Kimberly as his running mate? The ratings? OMG. GT has been invited on the exploratory trip to gauge his willingness to run so stay tuned. He is currently running third across the country.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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