EXCLUSIVE: Ukranian president demands a full refund of the millions in bribes to the Bidens

KYIV–Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has demanded a full refund for the millions of dollars he gave the Bidens after US President* Joe Biden let Russia invade Ukraine today.

“What do you think we actually thought Hunter Biden was a savvy businessman? You think he was worth all the money we paid that jackass?” Zelensky said in an exclusive phone interview with Genesius Times. “We even bought one of his god-awful paintings. You think we actually liked his art? Give me a break!”

Biden responded in a press release, “What do you think this is Amazon dot com? No refunds, sucker. Nada!”

It is estimated that corrupt officials in Ukraine funneled over $115 million to the Bidens since Biden was sworn in as vice president under Barack Obama.

Zelensky said he and his team “are going to make decisions in the coming hours, in the coming days, based on what’s in the best interest of them to get that money back,” Zelensky added. “Right now, I feel like it was just about the worst investment ever.”

Zelensky also threatened to remove all their Biden coins from Ukrainian circulation.

“We should never have issued a Biden coin in the first place,” Zelensky said.


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