Hillary Clinton dresses up as president for third straight Halloween

Hillary Clinton greeted trick-or-treaters at her New York home dressed up as president for the third straight Halloween. But she didn’t dress up as the actual president Donald Trump, she dressed up as herself as president.

Many people across the country took the opportunity to let their imagination run wild and be whoever they wanted to be. There were dinosaurs, crazed clowns, and sexy librarians galore.

Only Hillary Clinton dressed up as herself as president though.

She may have been following the recent trend in an ever-sensitive society to avoid dressing up as anything but yourself to avoid cultural appropriation, but analysts think that she actually may think she’s president.

Neighbors agreed that Hillary as president was by far the scariest costume they’d ever seen.

The tradition began in 2016, before the presidential election that she knew that she was going to win.

“She was pretending way back then!” someone close to the secretary said.


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