BREAKING: Bernie Sanders arrested for trying to take 90% of children’s candy while trick-or-treating

Democratic socialist presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders was arrested last night during the annual Burlington Vermont Halloween Spooktacular. Witness say that he was going around trying to take 90% of children’s candy.

“He just went right up to my son and said, ‘You need to pay your fair share!’ and he stuck his hand in his Halloween basket and just started grabbing candy,” Jerome Wilkinson of Burlington said.

Many children were seen sobbing and parents were visibly shaken by the incident.

“I mean who does he think he is? He didn’t get all dressed up and go door to door working hard for that candy! Fair share? What’s his fair share of someone else’s candy?”

Authorities said that Sanders kept rambling on about other children unable to stuff their faces with candy in other parts of the town.

It’s unclear what effect this will have on the campaign, though he is dropping in the polls.


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