Hillary Clinton says Republicans should accept defeat just like she did in 2016

CHAPPAQUA, NY–Former Secretary of State and former presidential nominee Hillary Clinton made the rounds on various news shows Friday scolding Republicans for complaining about election fraud.

“Republicans really should accept defeat just like I did in 2016,” Clinton said. “If I were president, which I should be and I lost, which would never happen, I would simply hand over the reigns. It’s as simple as that.”

After several days of counting votes in several battleground states, the 2020 presidential election is undecided, yet Biden leads in many close races.

“It’s simple, you just put your big girl pants on and say, ‘I lost’ and move on like I did,” Clinton said reflecting back on her concession.

Clinton also made a point to address a point of contention that she hasn’t forgotten.

“Especially when there’s no Russian interference like there was when I was robbed of my rightful place in history. It’s not fair!” Clinton added.

Neither Democratic nominee Joe Biden nor President Trump has conceded.


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