Hillary Clinton to dress up as president for Halloween again

CHAPPAQUA, NY—Secretary Hillary Clinton has decided she will dress up as president of the United States yet again for Halloween. She will where presidential white and her costume will include a lectern with a presidential seal on it.

Note that she will not be dressing up as the fake President* Joe Biden or the actual president Donald Trump but rather herself as president.

Most people use the opportunity of Halloween to come up with a scary costume or something beyond one’s wildest dreams and Hillary Clinton is no exception. This year’s Hillary as president costume is both scary as hell and an amazing fantasy.

Children that make it to the Clinton’s home this year will not get any candy, but rather they will get a lecture about how Hillary is the best president that never was.

“Halloween is great,” Clinton’s husband Bill said. “There are a lot of sexy nurses and sexy police women all around, and Hillary gets to indulge her fantasies about being president.”

Originally published Oct 30, 2021.


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