Jeff Bezos debuts private “Tax the Rich” rocket ship

Multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos launched into outer space today proudly displaying his newest rocket ship with a not-so-subtle-message.

The world’s wealthiest man sported a rocket with “Tax the Rich” painted in 24 carat gold paint down the side facing the beach from his Martha’s Vineyard estate.

The statement-making rocket was created by fellow billionaire Elon Musk.

“When Elon and I first partnered, we started having a conversation about what it means to be working-class and we said, ‘We need to be relatable,'” Bezos said during a launchpad interview. “What better way to show compassion than a rocket that panders to our customers?”

The launch boasted wealthy celebrities and businessmen from around the world. Tickets reportedly cost $35,000 while table cost upwards of $300,000. The takeoff was hosted by Mr. Bezos and supplemented by United States tax payer funding.

Fellow billionaire, Bill Gates, arrived at the launch in a private helicopter. He told reporters, “The rocket shows the plebs we’re on their side, so vote for the politicians and vaccines we fund.” Mr. Gates continued speaking about other political issues, including global warming, before departing in his private jet to Epstein Island.

While it might be the first time Bezos has expressed a political sentiment via rocket ship, it’s hardly the first time he’s reached out to the middle class. “Don’t buy your goods from local small businesses,” the billionaire said in 2020. “Buy everything from a corporation that puts smiley faces on the boxes that arrive at your doorstep, or else covid will get you!”


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