John Bolton scaring the crap out of kids his national 3rd-grade story time book tour

People think the book, “The Room Where It Happened” is about John Bolton‘s experience in the Oval Office. That would be a mistake. This book is all about his tour of third grade classrooms throughout America reading books specifically designed to provoke nightmares. Bone chilling, night sweating, seizure inducing nightmares. And we hear he’s been quite successful.

Sure, he’s going on TV telling Americans this is about Trump. But that’s just a beard to cover the book’s real intent. As you can see above, here he is beginning his reading to a class that has no idea what they’re in for. What you don’t see, however, is the look of sheer horror on their faces as he explains thermonuclear war. Also out of the picture are the teachers who have left the room in search of anyone who can forcibly remove him from school grounds.

What’s even more devastating is the fact that Bolton is dressing up like Michelle Obama and reading his newest book, “Uh Oh” to unsuspecting kids in Inner Cities. Above, you can see him impersonating Michelle O, painted fingernails high heels and all. What the picture doesn’t show is these same kids 5 minutes later all having soiled themselves running around the hallways screaming for their mothers.

If you’re interested in removing the ability of your 8-year-old to ever sleep soundly again, this book is what you want. If not, it may be something to burn along with Bolton’s soul.


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