LEAKED: Virginia Governor Northam appoints Bernie henchman Kyle Jurek to lead Boogaloo Defense Ministry

With the impending Boogaloo set to kick off at the Virginia Civil Defense League Lobby Day on Monday January 20th 8am, Democrat Governor Ralph Northam has a huge problem in trying to defend his communist state from all the gun nuts. Fortunately, a video from Project Veritas has revealed the right person for the job of dealing with the pro America crowd.

Bernie Sanders Iowa Field Organizer & DWI convict Kyle Jurek will be appointed as head of State Security and tasked with detaining and deporting those who don’t comply with edicts from the Governor.

“I don’t know how he feels about letting babies die, but Kyle Jurek has the right idea when it comes to these 2nd amendment folks”, said Northam. The Virginia Governor has declared a state of emergency and has banned “all weapons” on State Capitol Grounds while he changes his soiled diapers.

Northam justified his marshal law style actions due to supposed credible threats of violence. “It makes sense to take away everyone’s rights instead of using the FBI and other law enforcement tools to arrest/detain those credible threats,” said another Virginia security adviser and former Florida Sheriff Scott Israel. Sheriff Israel had a similar policy regarding Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Jurek, who is a fan of the old Joseph Stalin Gulags, is colluding with the Russians to reopen the communist vacation spots. The first Gulag will be at The Solovki special camp set up in 1923, now renamed EpsteinDidntKillHimself Land.

Transportation to the former USSR could also be coordinated with the bringing in of more 3rd World refugees, another idea supported by anti-2nd amendment government officials.  The announcement of Jurek’s appointment was supposed to kept a secret so the media can continue to distract Trump supporters with the impeachment circus instead of focusing on state, county, and city government. The tactic was successful in keeping political heat off of the omnibus spending bill.


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