Local child miraculously has only broken 18 bones after three days on hoverboard

A local 8-year-old girl, Felicity, is experiencing a Christmas miracle not breaking every bone in her body after three days on her brand new hoverboard.

“We’re shocked,” Felicity’s mom said. “We were sure that she would have broken every bone in her body by now. But no, she’s only broken 18. We think it’s a miracle.”

Felicity got the new gyroscope-based toy for Christmas as a near guarantee that she would have an average of one Emergency Room visit an hour, but she has made it through relatively unscathed.

“I mean we basically wanted her to do the most unsafe thing we could think of so we gave her this perfectly unstable vehicle and slapped a helmet on her. She really took to it!”

“We consider ourselves lucky,” Felicity’s mom said. “We really do.”




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