Local Jewish Man Excited to Learn He Controls Media, Hollywood, Finance Industry, and Legal Profession

It was an ordinary morning for local Jewish man Jacob Weiss. Mr. Weiss, like most Americans, reads the newspaper every morning while having breakfast and a cup of coffee. He recently considered canceling his New York Times’ subscription because of all the bad news that’s reported on a daily basis, and the constant negative reporting made him feel discouraged. But something changed his mind.

“I was browsing through the Times as usual one morning, when I saw an article that caught my eye,” Mr. Weiss said. “The article was a long diatribe against the Jewish community and about how the Jews control the media, Hollywood, the finance industry, and legal profession. I felt elated and very excited! Finally, there was some good news in the paper!”

Mr. Weiss’ excitement was short-lived, however, after coming across an article in the Times a week later, complaining about how same the Jews who control the media, Hollywood, the finance industry, and legal profession, are also illiterate and provide no education to their children.


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