‘Longshot Louie’ puts 1.3M on Ukraine at 40 to 1 in Vegas

LAS VEGAS—Bettors are moving on pre-war odds in the Ukraine – Russian conflict. As troop movements develop, Caesars betting manager, Jude Silver gave Genesius Times the inside scoop.

“Right now you’re gonna see a lot of money on Russia, but we expect the Ukraine to come out heavy early and they’ll be what we call the ‘fog of war’ side shifting. I think the smart money will stay long term with the ‘Bear’ though.

“Now, if NATO gets involved, all bets are off and the regulars will have to mini-bet tank damage and towns occupied. We see it all and the casino always gets their vig, so yeah, wars bring in the bucks for everyone in Sin City.”

The gaming commission is keeping a tight watch on the White House looking for insider betting before making announcements to the public.

Several women at the Bellagio were escorted out of the casino after it appears, White House press secretary, Jen Psaki’s mom was attempting to place a group bet on the Ukraine fostering suspicion of an imminent announcement on Russian sanctions.


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