MasterClass announces new offering: Alec Baldwin Teaches Gun Safety


HOLLYWOOD—MasterClass always chooses the best people for their classes. Like when they chose Paul Krugman to teach economics. That was amazing. And when the chose Natalie Portman to teach acting. Phenomenal!

Well, they’ve outdone themselves this time. Fresh off his mass shooting, MasterClass announced a new partnership with Alec Baldwin teaching gun safety.

In this MasterClass you’ll learn how to:

  • look tough with a gun when you’re really a coward
  • disparage gun owners for being reckless and then be reckless yourself
  • not know what you’re even talking about
  • be a real jerk to coworkers and then kill them
  • blame everything on Trump

MasterClass is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date accurate expertise on the planet and this latest edition proves it.