MEMORIAL DAY: Nation mourns George Floyd who died when his spaceship exploded in 2020

US—This Memorial Day, the nation is mourning NASA legend George Floyd who died two years ago when his spaceship exploded while attempting to save humanity on a mission to divert an asteroid from hitting Earth.

“Floyd was such an inspirational American legend and he gave his life serving his country, it’s only fitting that we celebrate the man on Memorial Day,” President* Joe Biden said in a Memorial Day memorial service.

Floyd died when his spaceship Fentanyl 1 crashed on takeoff from Minneapolis May 25, 2020.

Former President and current President Barack Obama expressed his devotion in a tweet that has shocked many:

Others understand the sentiment.

“George Floyd was the first Black American astronaut and Senator. We should celebrate him every weekend, not just on Memorial Day,” one fan said.

Biden has promised to replace all statues of white people with statues of George Floyd in his honor.

Originally published May 26, 2023.


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