Nearly 6% of Americans believe the crazy conspiracy theory that US elections are legitimate

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US—A shockingly high 6% of the US population believe the crazy conspiracy theory that their elections are free and fair without election fraud and not totally subverted by the CIA, a study by the Pew Pew Institute found.

Many attribute the high figure to misinformation spread on platforms like Fascbook, Twatter, and CNN.

“It really is surprising to see so many people believe such a crazy and unbelievable lie that with the state of the economy and the fact that the Democrats are thrusting us into WWIII, they would perform relatively well in the Midterms. This is serious tin-foil hat zone,” political analyst Sam Eagle said.

When asked how he was going to address the widespread misinformation leading people to believe he was legitimately elected president, President* Biden whispered, “My butt’s been wiped repeatedly, Jack.”

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White House Press Secretary Karen Jean-Pierre addressed the conspiracy theory.

“We really have to do something about all the misinformation going around,” White House Press Jean-Pierre said. “I mean 6% believing in crazy things isn’t much, but it’s enough to do real damage.”


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