Ocasio-Cortez promises free healthcare in Gulag for her political enemies

She hasn’t even been sworn into office and the youngest-elected congressperson ever is making major promises. Over the weekend Ocasio-Cortez of New York tweeted that there will be free healthcare in the Gulag system she’s setting up with her fellow democratic socialists.

“We will certainly torture our political enemies to a gruesome death,” Ocasio-Cortez said in true socialist fashion, “but we’re democratic socialists, so we’re going to provide healthcare for them before we rip their intestines out with rusty tools.”

The tweet came after she threatened that several of President Trump’s friends and family members will be the first on the cattle cars to the Gulag.

“Keep criticizing my idiotic economic policies,” she tweeted Donald Trump Jr., “That’s not very smart since we’re going to build a Gulag and you’re going to have a first class seat on the first train there.”

When asked where the money will come from to pay for the healthcare for all these anti-socialist political prisoners, she said that, “The wealthy in America are going to have to start paying income tax!”

When a journalist informed Ocasio-Cortez that the rich already pay the lion’s share of income tax for the entire country already, she nodded and noted the journalist’s name, simply replying, “The party will be very displeased with your question.”

Maria Vasquez, a Ocasio-Cortez supporter said, “Alexandria is just so compassionate. Most socialists would just leave their political prisoners to die in squalor like the filthy capitalist pigs they are, but she wants to give them free healthcare before pulling their fingernails out through their noses. She’s a true humanitarian!”

“Make no mistake, we will give you free healthcare after we imprison you for thoughtcrime.”


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