OP-ED: A Heartfelt Letter to All the Legacy Blue Checks Who Lost Their Blue Checkmarks on Twitter

We’ve seen the suffering and misery that ordinary Americans have to endure on a daily basis. It isn’t funny in the slightest, and we should empathize with our fellow Americans who are in distress, and help them out in any way we could.

But there’s another group of Americans who have suffered an indignity far worse; an injustice that tops all injustices. And those Americans are journalists and celebrities – who are far more wise, educated, and informed than us dumb and unsophisticated peasants. On what basis can Elon Musk justify the removal of their checkmarks, other than the fact that he owns Twitter? How could Musk be so callous to our rich and wealthy pals in media and Hollywood? It probably isn’t an exaggeration to say this, but the removal of their checkmarks might just be a crime against humanity.

Either way, Musk must be held accountable for this fool-hardy and reckless decision. This is no way to run a democracy.

We at the Genesius Times express our deepest condolences to all former legacy blue checks who have had their checkmark removed. May the force be with you. Amen/Awoman.


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