Pete Buttigieg caught unloading private jet from transport jet en route to Climate Conference

LONDON—President Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was accused by critics of attempting to stage a photo op on Saturday after a video emerged of him unloading a private jet from a jumbo transport jet in an apparent botched environmentalist photo op en route to the 26th UN Climate Change Conference.

The video captured workers removing the multi-millionaire’s smaller private jet for him to travel the final leg of the journey en route to lecture plebs about climate change.

The Democrat was safely escorted to the Climate Summit by a privately hired team of armed fighter jets.

Over 400 billionaires and climate experts took individual private jets to the conference. Climate high priestess Greta Thunberg made sure to wave at all the suckers on the way to the conference via Leonardo DiCaprio’s private jet.

The transport jet picked up the private jet after the summit.

Highlights of the conference include new taxes on only American citizens, foreign aid paid via debt, and Chinese diplomats rolling on the floor in laughter.


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