REPORT: Genesius Times overtakes CNN as world leader of Fake News that’s not on fire

Well well well. Do we have here a case of the dog catching the car, or more specifically the fans have voted with Molotov cocktails and declared Genesius Times as the indisputable world leader of fake news. The Minneapolis riots spilled over into Atlanta, and torched CNN.

Genesius Times interviewed one of the participants in the CNN riots, Wally Rodgers, who said, “Look we were fed up with their fake news. It’s stupid and boring, and so we decided to vote them out with our fists! The time had long passed to crown Genesius Times as the indisputable king of fake news.”

Shortly afterwards, Wally ran into the middle of the crowd shouting, Freedom!!! in a scene reminiscent of the Mel Gibson film Braveheart. The scene flooded me with all the feels.

Genesius Times really is now the world leader of Fake News, it’s really happening and with a little help from our fans.

Thank you for your support America.


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