Robert Mueller heads up ‘Coronagate,’ starts investigating himself and jello

Robert Mueller is and was a total embarrassment to the Democrats and himself. Surrounding himself with rabid Anti-Trumpers, his testimony was a revelation into corruption.

At the end of the hearings, some felt a bit sorry for him being as out-of-touch as he was. A shadow of his former self. I saw an arrogant demented bureaucrat.

Adam Schiff is at it once again and will be opening up a full-throated investigation, ‘Coronagate’. So who does Pencil Neck appoint to head up this fiasco-in-progress? No, not actual dirt. Think older. But actual dirt would be an improvement.

Robert Mueller has been lonely since they haven’t allowed Nursing Home visitors. But at least he gets daily love notes from Brennan, Clapper, Comey, and McCabe. Golly, I bet he misses them.

Once FBI Bob learned about this new assignment, he wet himself. Then he began an underwear investigation into the origin of the wetness. Since he really likes lime jello and has been getting cherry instead, we hear 41 FBI agents have already been assigned to “Jellogate”. Damn Russians.