BREAKING: Scientists just unveiled the first EVER images of a black hole

Scientists have lifted the veil on the first images ever captured of a black hole’s event horizon.

Black holes are the most dense objects in the universe. When any light or information approaches, it is sucked into the hole never to return again. The only thing that black holes emit are nonsensical noise.

That’s why this unprecedented finding is so important to science.

In a highly-anticipated string of press conferences held simultaneously around the world, the team behind the discovery revealed their amazing picture, what they’re calling A-OC.

Using a ‘virtual telescope’ built from eight radio observatories positioned at different points on the globe, the international team has spent the last few years probing New York and now Washington DC for the elusive target.

While black holes are invisible by nature, the ultra-hot air swirling around them forms a ring of light around the perimeter that reveals the mouth of the object spewing all the hot air.

The major breakthrough adds support for Einstein’s theory that even some adults should be seen and not heard—even when they’re in Congress.


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