Study shows strong connection between wearing mask during athletics and not being able to breath

A new study was published recently showing a strong relationship between wearing a mask during athletics and not being able to breath. The study comes off the heels of a high school athlete at Summit High School in Bend, Oregon who collapsed at the finish line, after being forced to wear a mask during the race.

“The results of our study took us by surprise,” Dr. Leon Guzman said, who conducted the study. “We always assumed that a mask never constricted a person’s breathing in any way. We concluded, therefore, that athletes were perfectly safe wearing a mask, and there wasn’t anything to worry about. Now we’ve realized through further analysis that masks do indeed constrict a person’s breathing.”

To address the incident at Summit High School, health experts are revising their guidelines. They now recommend that running athletes only wear half a mask instead of a whole one. If they can’t wear that, they should hold their breath for 10 seconds every 10 minutes so they reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 to other athletes. And if they can’t even do that, they should just wear a hazmat suit during the race instead.

Because science.


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