Super Bowl halftime show protests sex trafficking in bold pole dance

Sex trafficking is a growing concern with hundreds of thousands reportedly being held against their will around the globe.

Recent news about Jeffrey Epstein‘s high profile sex trafficking clientele has shed new light on it. It’s such a horrific problem that celebrities even find time to protest it when they’re not protesting warm weather.

What better venue to take a stand against the horrific scourge that is sex trafficking than the Super Bowl halftime show.

While the condemnation was subtle, it was definitely there.

At one point, headliner Jennifer Lopez exhibited some startling pole-dancing moves, a reference to her much-celebrated turn in the movie “Hustlers.” At one point she bent into a deep squat while standing on the shoulders of a dancer.

If that doesn’t say “we need to stop sex trafficking” then I don’t know what does!

Lopez tore through “Love Don’t Cost a Thing,” “Get Right, “On the Floor” and “Que Calor,” finding time to slip away from the black leather in to sparkling silver leotard that left little to the imagination.

The rest of the performance included dozens of scantily-clad young women undulating and gyrating to sexy beats.

These overtly sexual dances were clear meant to condemn sex trafficking in all forms. We should celebrate these bold activists in their dedication to the cause.