The Race Card is perfect gift for those impossible-to-shop-for relatives

PHILADELPHIA—Whether at a family dinner, a community outing, or even a sporting event, we all have at one time or another wished we had a race card to play.

Now, the Our Privilege people have come up with the perfect gift for those impossible-to-shop-for friends and relatives … the Race Gift Card. For as little $25, you can end the conversation with a ‘wham bam victim slam’.

All races of people have had the short end of the stick upon occasion and you don’t need a researcher standing by to prove your point. Just throw out the race card and Our Privilege, via our new ‘equalizer app’ will back your side of the story.

We will document every claim you make about how bad your people have had it. It doesn’t matter what color, race, creed or favorite food, we have a complete library full of ethnic cleansing, slavery, hanging or war savagery you or your ancestors have suffered.

Race cards come in various denominations based on the card holder’s race!

Ask about our ‘instant DNA’ verification data base that shows; you just aren’t what you look like at all.

Available on Black Friday; Gender Gift Cards; everyone has a ‘touchy’ uncle. Group discounts available.


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