Thousands lining up to get into Trump’s “Concentration Camp Resort”

A constant flow from Central American countries of migrants is heading for President Trump‘s new resort at the American border called “Concentration Camp Resort”.

The resort is all-inclusive resort with meals, dining, and entertainment included in the discounted price of FREE.

“We have the best concentration camps in the world. People love our concentration camps. They’re booked for months in advance,” President Trump said at a press briefing.

Every day, thousands give up their safe space of their home country where they are part of an ethnic majority to come to America so that they can be thrown into the concentration camp resort.

Already, the Trump Concentration Camp Resort is one of the most popular resorts in the world and it’s soon to overtake Disneyland and Disney World in attendance.

“Sure, you’ll have people complain about the food or the subpar entertainment, but they’re coming in droves! They love it,” Travel and Leisure writer Lawrence Fronberg said.


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