Thousands of protestors who never go to hardware stores vow to quit shopping at Home Depot

Now things are heating up! After the founder of Home Depot was found giving money to the Drumpf 2020 presidential campaign, various progressive and antifa types decided to stop spending the money they never spent at Home Depot.

The mega giant hardware store should be trembling. They are bound to lose at least five or six customers. And all those anti-fascists, who have been sent by mom and dad to buy a plunger, will almost certainly stop buying them from this chain.

Boycotts are as American as apple pie. Sometimes people boycott businesses and other times the businesses boycott people, but whether it’s the chicken or egg, the Home Depot is about to feel the full force of anti-Trump in the same manner as Chick-fil-A.

Those hardware execs must be shaking in their boots.


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