Transgender woman destroys game shop; wonders why people don’t treat her like a lady


In a barbaric rage, a biological man who prefers to be called a woman, destroyed a game store in Albuquerque, New Mexico this week, wondering why no one treats her like a lady.

“It’s ma’am!” she kept yelling, according to witnesses as she proceeded to rape and pillage the store and its inhabitants. “I’m a lady!”

The customer was dressed in legitimately female attire as she knocked over game displays, set off bombs, and intimidated short gamers in the store with her size and strength.

“It’s not sir. I’m a classy lady!” she said while bashing a short bespectacled customer with her bare hands. “I’m going to beat in your fat face you until you understand that!”

“She roared her demand to be treated with elegance and class while knocking over game racks like Attila the Hun,” one bloody witness said.

A spokesperson for the Albuquerque LBGT Rights Commission said that the incident shows bigotry towards transgender people. “People have a right to be treated like sophisticated classy ladies even if they just got done trashing a place of business and torturing their enemies.”