Urban Dictionary to add 347,823 new non-binary pronouns in 2020 in order to alleviate confusion

In a stunning revelation, the New Urban Dictionary is about to reveal almost 350,000 new Woke non-binary pronouns simply because the public demands them. Spokesperson Zed Zim Hir Hym John Doe explained to Genesius Times in an exclusive, “Every day we receive thousands of requests from Nebraska from Confused Gender-Neutral-Non-Binary-Transgender-Queer Eunuchs to help them express their true selves. We can ignore these pleas no longer.”

Some of the new gender-descriptive pronouns, given to GT under a non-binding non-disclosure non-descriptive agreement include “ZEpstein” for those who love Autoerotic Asphyxiation using Clinton Foundation cocktail napkins.

“Zloset” for those that are required to live in 100 room mansions just to store their ‘pussy hats’, ‘Allah is Gay’ placards and non-gendered sex toys.

“ZWTF” for those who are unsure of where their genitals are located but are uncomfortable asking complete strangers.

“ZChewbacca” for StarWars enthusiasts who are unable to find anyone willing to identify their gender even after intercourse and genetic testing.

“Over Zair”, for those who are looking for love but always get the same response.

And finally, “ZHams” for those Islamic Fundament-oriented Acrophobic Non-Gendered pork-lovers who participate in camel-wrestling on roller skates while eating pork-infused matzo-ball soup.


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