Village People file injunction against USMCA for copyright infringement

Today at Twelve Noon, President Trump signed the USMCA. Immediately after the signing, lawyers for the Village People filed an injunction claiming the name is too close to their hit song, YMCA. Lead attorney for the group, Thurgood Allgay, stated, “Of all the names Trump could have used why would he pick on one of America’s most beloved music legends?”

Lawyer for the YMCA organization, Ima Crookshank, was also incensed, “This deal includes some old Jewish women, and our letters don’t have them in it;  but when it comes to a Black, Poor, Foreign Born, Uneducated, Lesbian, Disabled, Muslim Woman, well, we just can’t help ourselves. Plus, we have many YMCAs located at intersections and support intersectionality for that very reason.

YWCA representative, Vera Pussihat, commented from the studio’s at Russia Today “How can Trump exclude all women from this trade deal”?  All they need to do is change it to USMWCA and women can start shopping again. We need to buy more cheap Chinese crap that none of us need or want. It’s UnAmerican if we stop hoarding Chinese waste products”

The LGBTQ community also had issues with the trade deal because they both contain 5 letters. “Our members already have trouble with our letters and now we have to change them to LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ, so we can improve our inclusivity with Sesame Street kids and begin their journey towards gender reassignment and spelling.


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