Wealthy legislator proposes 100% tax on everyone who is richer than he is

The first-ever living turd elected to Congress, Chet, has proposed a new tax on the highest income earners. According to the plan, everyone making more than $175,000 would be taxed at 100% and all the revenue to be directed to those making less.

“It’s simply murderous to make more than $174,000 a year. Everyone who makes that much is just greedy and selfish—just hording their money,” Chet said in a press conference after introducing the bill.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Bernie Sanders are said to support the plan.

When asked if the cutoff was $175,000 because he earned $174,000 as a US representative, he became agitated and at the podium.

“And also, if you have more than three houses, we’re going to take them. You only need three houses, max because that’s how many I have,” Chet said chuckling.

Critics said that the plan was just class warfare and would destroy the economy.

“Everyone wants to ‘tax the rich’ but they forget—if they’re American, that they’re pretty rich relative to the rest of the world. Chet is rich compared to most Americans.”


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