Nation shocked that kids raised to think only of themselves are thinking only of themselves

The nation was horrified to see young adults socializing and partying in South Florida during a campaign to promote social distancing to slow down the spread of coronavirus.

“I was just appalled that these kids who were raised to be entitled and believe that everything revolves around them by helicopter, everyone-gets-a-prize parents actually acting like the world revolves around them,” Patricia Janglehead of Des Moines, Iowa said.

Data show that the novel coronavirus is not particularly dangerous to young people but is extremely dangerous to elderly males with preexisting conditions like cardiovascular disease.

“I’m not going to get sick, so why do I care? I’m here for the free Corona beer!” Jackie Stank of Madison, Wisconsin said.

“I raised my kids to think of themselves first and to believe in themselves above everything else,” Marjorie Dinkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma said. “I just don’t understand why they’re off partying in Florida when their parents and grandparents are in quarantine!”

Some pundits have claimed that the CDC should have created a social media challenge that encouraged kids to risk their lives in order to encourage them to help save lives.