Bernie Sanders immediately makes Cardi B economic advisor after seeing her roll around in money

Democratic socialist presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has made a bold staffing decision after been hounded by logical thinkers for advocating a $15 minimum wage while paying his staff $13 an hour. Sanders has hired pop musician Cardi B as his economic advisor.

“I saw her economic treatise ‘Money’ on the MTV and I thought it was extremely thoughtful and eloquent, so I decided that I had to have her making the economic decisions for my campaign and eventually for my administration when I’m president,” Sanders said in a press conference announcing the decision.

Bernie Sanders attempting to grab some of Cardi B’s money.

“I particularly like Cardi’s policy idea of drugging people and robbing them. It seems a lot more efficient than taxation,” Sanders added.

Many Bernie fans are ecstatic about the decision.

“Watching the video, I get an amazing sense of entitlement and unity,” Bernie bro Billy Troller said from his parent’s basement. “Cardi B definitely has a strong grasp of economics.”

Bernie was seen repeating the lyrics at the latest Democratic debate:

I was born to flex (Yes)
Diamonds on my neck
I like boardin’ jets, I like mornin’ sex (Woo)
But nothing in this world that I like more than checks (Money)