Washington – President Joe Biden declared war on the Ultra-Mega Super Actors this morning. Calling them the most devastating legion since the Avengers, referencing the terrible destruction in their Battle of Sokovia and vowed to fight any threat to the American peoples and possible mid-term election influence.

Fearing a possible future involvement by Ultron’s robot, The Orange Trumpian, President Biden enlisted the help of The Truth Witch, Nina Jankowicz who summoned her Truth Censors to infiltrate the Ghosts of Jan 6 and disclose their evil plans to steal the House of Representative’s super weapon, ‘Pelosi’s Gavel’.

In response, the superhero Ultra-Mega Super Actors held a Zoom conference and vowed to investigate the government takeover of the Quantum Super computer, Killary early this morning by denizens of the Red Queen of the White House, Jen Psaki.

Super Actor, Fixer, said the super heroes would quickly come up with a plan to defeat Killary. Super Actor, Stardom assured everyone that they would prevail and gave a quick wink for her fans.

After the conference, President Biden was ushered away to the Tunnels of Confusion, 50 stories below the Oval Office.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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