Biden finally gets a large crowd at Carolina car rally

(CNN) President Joe Biden’s popularity is soaring as his latest car rally in Charlotte, North Carolina proves. Hundreds of people lined up to see the president speak at the Costco Gas station on the North side this morning.

“It’s like Woodstock for a politician. I’ve never seen anything like it. He’s very popular,” Political analyst Sam Beagle said.

The car rallies are popping up all over the East coast and Biden isn’t even speaking at most of them. The popular car rally in Carolina follows another heavily attended Biden rally at the US-Mexico border.

Former President Trump may get thousands of people at rallies and millions of viewers online, but Biden is starting to catch up in popularity.

“It’s a festival atmosphere here,” Genesius Times Gas correspondent JP Getty said. “Biden’s fan base is really growing and these drivers are sure to vote for him three or four times next election!”



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