Biden gets largest crowd ever at border rally


(CNN) President Joe Biden must be getting really popular. Everyone must love his long list of executive orders and new wars in the Middle East.

Biden hasn’t been president very long and he just got his largest crowd ever—dozens of people—at a Biden rally in Mexico.

Former President Trump may get thousands of people at rallies and millions of viewers online, but Biden is starting to catch up in popularity.

All of the president’s fans and many of his voters lined up for miles heading toward the US/Mexico border this past week with Biden shirts.

“It’s a festival atmosphere here,” Genesius Times Mexico correspondent José Cuervo said. “Biden’s fan base is really growing here and the promise to vote for him three or four times next election if he lets them in.”

The previous record for a Biden rally was 15, though the Biden boat parades were much more popular.


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