Biden switches VP from Kamala to pro ‘deal maker’ Wayne Brady

Presidential hopeful Joe Biden campaign officials confirmed the switch from Kamala Harris to Let’s Make a Deal host, Wayne Brady.

Biden explained, “C’mon man, I got the best ‘deal maker’ now and if you don’t love him, you ain’t black. Let’s see Trump out-deal that deal. Yeah, I’m takin’ what’s behind the door… and the guy can sing too. He can headline all the state dinners and the White House Christmas Party. He’s gonna be great. Swani River, how I luv you, how I… I wonder if he does windows? The oval office windows were always smeared when I was there and… is that Jill? Oh, I have to go now, it’s pill time. Red one, blue one. Red one…”

Wayne Brady could not be reached for comment however his spokesperson said that Mr. Brady doesn’t do windows however he would be willing to vacuum.

Senator Kamala Harris‘ spokesperson said, “Senator Harris wasn’t aware that she was the Vice Presidential nominee but she loves Wayne Brady, loves his show and you would be a fool to not go with the envelope full of cash.”


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