BREAKING: Adam Schiff reveals his daughter is dating the Trump whistleblower

In a Tweet, Rep. Adam Schiff wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving from him, his wife, his daughter Alexa, and her boyfriend ‘whistleblower’ Eric.

Many were confused by the Tweet. Was it a joke, or an inadvertent public disclosure.

Schiff has assured us that his daughter’s boyfriend “whistleblower” Eric isn’t the same Eric that he didn’t know the identity of during the Trump impeachment hearing.

Many outlets are reporting that the whistleblower and Alexa’s boyfriend is Eric Ciaramella:

Whistleblower Eric giving President Obama a hand

Schiff knew Eric was a match for his daughter when he heard how good of a whistleblower he was.

Schiff also assured his constituents that both his daughter and her boyfriend have had the HPV vaccination.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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