London’s Khan bans fire extinguishers and narwhal tusks after they were used to stop terror attack

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has banned all fire extinguishers and Narwhal tusks after two civilians used the devices to stop a convicted terrorist who has stabbed several people on Friday.

“Fire extinguishers and narwhal tusks have clearly been demonstrated to used as weapons to terrorize people and we just cannot stand by idly and wait until someone uses them to attack again,” Khan said. “Therefore, they are now on the list of prohibited items within the city of London.”

Other prohibited items include firearms, knives, and large sporks.

A jihadist torrorist and cousin of Mayor Sadiq Khan, Usman Khan, perpetrated the original terror attacks. He had been in custody for a previous terror attack but complained that he couldn’t fulfill his life’s work of killing Westerners in jail, so the UK justice system released him last year.

Britain’s The Times newspaper identified Polish chef Łukasz as the man wielding the narwhal tusk to subdue the terrorist. He will be arrested and charged with wielding a narwhal tusk despite the law not being in effect when he tried to stop the terrorist.

“A narwhal tusk is not a cheap weapon,” historian Guy Walters tweeted. “One sold in auction for £36,000 a few years ago. Elizabeth I so valued the one presented to her by privateer Martin Frobisher that she placed it in the Royal Wardrobe & Treasury. It was valued at £10,000 in 1598 — some £2 million today.”

The man wielding the fire extinguisher will also be retroactively charged once he’s identified.

Usman Khan will be forced to spend some time at a spa to recover from the stressful ordeal.


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