BREAKING: Anonymous sources reveal Donald Trump ‘loathes midgets’


WASHINGTON DC—One time, privately, months ago, in front of Democrats, during election season, President Donald Trump allegedly said, “I hate midgets even more than I hate gay black muslim Jewish Chinese immigrant women veterans!”

An anonymous source claims the President went on a wild tirade about his disdain for “midgets and their tiny hands” months ago behind closed doors. His true feelings are just now being revealed thanks to our brave anonymous source.

The source reveals President Trump has already forbidden dwarfs from entering The White House and drafted executive orders outlawing The Wizard of Oz and Game of Thrones from airing on public television.

“Trump told us, Democrats he barely knows, how much little people disgust him,” the anonymous source told reporters. “He said he’s waiting until post election day to execute Operation Mini-Dachau.”

“First, it will start with armbands so we know who they are.”

Despite the Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and other meeting attendees denying the conversation ever happened, the sole anonymous source provides enough credibility for us at Genesius Times to break the story.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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