Biden names Cardi B Health Secretary after important fellatio PSA

WILMINGTO, DE—Demcratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has selected hip hop phenomenon Cardi B to be his Health and Human Services Secretary if elected based on her stirring public service announcement on brushing one’s teeth before fellatio.

“We need to restore honor and decency to the White House,” Biden read from a teleprompter slowly in his Wilmington basement. “That is why I’m appointing Cardi B, who is black enough for me, to be my HHS Secretary.”

The PSA by Cardi B instructed women to “brush they teeth before you s**k d**k”:

“Cardi B has such a fine grasp on health and human services that it’s really the natural fit for her in my administration,” Biden said.

Cardi B was recently criticized by Candace Owens for being politically ignorant.

“Come on man! Clearly Candace hasn’t seen the amazing PSA. Every other word that she says is like a, you know the thing…,” Biden added.