BREAKING: Biden threatens more violence from his supporters if he’s not elected

PITTSBURGH—Joe Biden came out of hiding today to launch a new campaign strategy amid falling poll numbers, threatening more violence from his supporters if he’s not elected.

Biden rallies across the country have been extremely violent and dangerous, leading to dozens of deaths and billions of dollars in property damage. Biden says that he will ensure even more violence if people don’t vote for him.

“Do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters? Well you can bet I’m going to look like one if I’m not elected!” Biden said in his address.

Biden has supported the rioters and violent protests for months, even going so far as to pay for a second college degree for Antifa rioters. But recently Biden’s poll numbers have dropped since many people are opposed to his supporters burning down their cities.

Biden’s campaign launched new posters with the slogan: “Biden/Harris. Vote for us. Or Else.”

“I think the new tagline is very effective,” a Biden supporter names Cotton Mather said. “It’s assertive and confident, but also threatening and evil. It’s great!”


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