Joe Biden promises free college tuition for Antifa looters/rioters

After already having members of his staff in supporting the terrorist group Antifa and being in the political party that has been taken over by the violent left. Biden has once again become open about intentions of the Democratic Party that he will lead in 2020, with the help of his pond geese.

Democrat elite-chosen Joe Biden announced that colleges will now be offering courses in how to loot, start riots, and other Antifa tactics and did so with a slight Indian accent. The leftist organization Antifa already has worldwide riot capabilities and funding along with the help of the education system via indoctrination. Biden now wants the Antifa operation to be get even more funding and get even bigger. “A pool chain in every pot” said Antifa official Karl Marxpeoponcars.

Biden’s plan, that he claims he wrote himself with crayons, will cost around $500 billion to $2 trillion depending on much spending the media can hide from the congressional budget and Michelle Obama’s menu recommendations.

High schools, middle schools, & lower aged places of indoctrination are also being targeted. There will also be a “youaintblack” clause in the college rules requiring all African Americans to attend Antifa college courses. A perk to the Antifa college program will be instantly immune from any future Chinese bioweapon attack COVID regulations. They, along with everyone else will still be required to get the Mark of Bill Gates electronic tattoo.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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