BREAKING: CNN projects Kamala Harris winner of 2024 presidential election

US—Millions of people took to the street to celebrate as Joe Biden’s VP pick Kamala Harris was projected winner of the 2024 presidential election by CNN, ABC, and Fox News.

“This is just amazing. I finally have my faith restored in the integrity and legitimacy of the electoral process since mainstream media outlets have declared my favorite candidate president in election that haven’t occurred yet. I’m just so happy,” Biden supporter Mark Jubblybottom of New York said.

No candidate has been certified the winner of the 2020 presidential election, let alone the presidential elections four, eight, and 12 years from now, but that hasn’t stopped major news outlets from projecting the winners.

“We decide who the president is going to be,” CNN President Jeffrey Zucker said. “Not the people, not the government. We do. If you don’t like it, you can take it up with the commissars.”

Harris was honored to be named president four years from now.

“I am just touched that so many media C-level people selected me to be president in the next election. It’s really humbling to witness democracy in action like this,” Harris said.