BREAKING: King James Version Bible from 33 AD unearthed in Jerusalem, proving it is the only true Bible

Many Christians assert that the King James Version (KJV) of the Holy Bible is the only true Bible and claim any other translation leads believers away from Christ in error.

Now, KJV-only proponents have made a stunning discovery that proves they have been right all along.

A dusty copy of the King James Version Bible dating from the first century AD has been unearthed in a Jerusalem archaeology dig, proving that it was indeed the first and most reliable Bible.

“King James Version Bible is the only uncorrupted version of the Bible. We knew we were right all along,” James Witcock, a KJV absolutist said. “Now we have proof.”

It wasn’t clear how the Bible, which is written in a language that didn’t even exist in 33 AD and authorized by a king who hadn’t been born for one and a half millennia, was there, but it was.

“It’s a miracle. That’s what the Word of God is,” Witcock said.


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