NEW YORK—CNN has confirmed that large political rallies are okay again as long as they are full of people celebrating the Biden/Harris election fraud.

“We need to convince people that this election theft is somehow legitimate, so please, everyone go out and celebrate the election results that we called even though several states are still counting and several more are disputed,” CNN CEO Jeffrey Zucker said.

Many have questioned the approval of these gathering since CNN in particular has been critical of any and all rallies in support of President Donald Trump.

“Don’t worry about the virus right now. We have bigger fish to fry,” Zucker said.

People across the country were excited to learn that with the declaration of Biden as the next president that social distancing regulations which applied to Trump rallies were lifted—as a long as the participants were supporting Biden.

“We didn’t even have to riot of burn anything down. It was great. It’s nice to have the approval of CNN while we’re gathering to bring down the establishment by installing the establishment into the White House!” Biden supporter Jimmy T. Leftnut said.


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