BREAKING: Elon Musk offers to buy embattled Ukraine for $44 billion too

AUSTIN—Just hours after the world’s wealthiest person Elon Musk agreed to let the purchase of embattled social media company Twitter go through, he put an offer in to buy Ukraine in order to fix it.

“Mr. Musk sees a lot of potential with Ukraine but it is clearly being run into the ground by the current leadership. He hopes to take the country private and solve all its issues,” wrote lawyers for Musk to the people of Ukraine.

Ukrainian puppet president Volodymyr Zelenskyyy has repeatedly refused to negotiate with Russia and continues to sacrifice the Ukrainian people for a war that benefits no one except for the politicians who have used Ukraine as a money laudromat.

Shares of Ukraine spiked on the news with prices reaching all-time highs of $4.11 per share.

The offer price, which is a secret, is rumored to be in the same range as the $44 billion Musk is buying Twitter with.


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