BREAKING: EU leaders explain to Biden why Wile E. Coyote will never catch Roadrunner

U.S. President Biden, in using the cartoon ‘Roadrunner’ as an analogy for the Russian, Ukraine war attempted to illustrate several options available to the Ukraine. Despite explanations from several European leaders about the concept of the cartoon, he kept insisting that given a big enough stick of dynamite, the Coyote would be able to kill the Roadrunner.

“We did it with Bin Laden, sure it took forever but he slipped up. I don’t think a desert bird is that much smarter than a terrorist.” Biden stated.

French President Macron explained that if the Roadrunner was eliminated, that would be the end of the cartoon show but Biden insisted that everyone can be replaced siting how in the show ‘Cheers’, the coach was replaced with Woody Harrelson and in ‘Bewitched’ Darrin was replaced with another Darrin.

Biden explored the possibilities, “Maybe in Bewitched the first Darren was killed by a coyote. You don’t know what can happen when a coyote has that much dynamite.

Finally, the leaders all had to agree with President Biden so they could move the discussion on to the actual war with Russia and the Ukraine.


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