BREAKING: New poll shows Hillary Clinton won 2016 election in landslide

As the 2020 presidential election gears up with nearly 4 million Democratic candidates challenging Donald Trump, polls indicate that Donald Trump would lose to each one of the front runners. What’s more a new AP/CNN poll showed that Hillary Clinton actually won the 2016 election.

“This isn’t some liberal bias or historical revisionism,” pollster Garrett Francois said, “this is hardcore polling science! Hillary Clinton won 2016 and Joe Biden clearly is going to win in 2020.”

According to the poll, Clinton has support of 90% of likely Democratic voters, as well as support from 15% of moderate Republicans. Of the Republicans surveyed, 79% said they would vote for Trump.

Pollsters have been trying to overcome a lack of trust since their polls leading up to the 2016 election were completely wrong and some think that they’ve done the trick by asking the same people.

“One of our tactics is to call cities at the exact time there’s a Trump rally so that fewer Trump supporters would pick up. It works every time!” Francois said.

Another poll found that only 14% of Americans believed the results of polls.


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