BREAKING: Schiff says MNF’s ‘momentum cat’ was a Russian asset that colluded with Trump

Democrats are now investigating another collusion story regarding President Donald Trump and foreign governments. This story involves something far more important than billions of dollars in foreign aid, it’s about football.

An unnamed source has informed democrat Congressman Adam Schiff that Donald J Trump is responsible for the Black Cat that ran out onto the football field during the Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants November 4th Monday Night Football game. The bad luck icon was able to turn the tide in favor of the football team from the Red State after they were losing the popular game to the blue state that is now the home of Hillary Clinton.

We know that several spy agencies have used animals in the past such as the pigeon guided missile, Bat Fire Bombs, and the 1960’s Acoustic Kitty project done by the CIA. ISIS leader Al Baghdadi was killed in part due to a special forces dog named Conan.

Genesius Times has discovered that the post-Halloween cat that changed the momentum in the football game is an antimatter genetically modified meta cat that emits the negative energy which can cause “bad luck” to an opposing force or in this case a football team. This is the negative energy that Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson has talked about.

If another pro-Trump animal event occurs, it could even lead to a bigger conspiracy. Donald J. Trump could win the election with the animal vote. Millions of felines, canines, & other domesticated critters could win the election in several key states. Especially if Demomentum the Cat can sneak into the HQ of whatever opponent Trump faces in the November 2020 election.

Congressional hearings are expected soon.


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